Mar 26 2022 23:19:49

New website launched!

So here it is, the new website. After using the old design for so long I decided the site needed a facelift with a more modern look. It's nothing too fancy, but I think it's much easier on the eyes and provides all of the information in an easier to digest format. Oh, and it's also much more mobile friendly!

As you see, only the main site got a revamp but the client area is next! I've already got most of it ready to go just need to finish some of the pages and then do some testing and tweaks to clean it up.

Here's a little preview of the Help Desk portion:

Help Desk

Again nothing fancy but a big improvement IMO. Still needs some cleaning up but it's getting there. I hope once the website is done I can work on other tools and apps to make this service even better.

At this time if you find any issues with the website, any links not working, or any other weirdness please let me know.

Additionally I've added a Status Page so people can see the uptime they can expect with our services. These monitors do a webpage + MySQL check every 60 seconds so it's not just a simple ping, it's actual website uptime!

I also wanted to post a quick update about the changes to our service that you might not be aware of if you're not in our Discord (for shame!). We've switched over to Hestia which is a much more secure and visually appealing fork of VestaCP which we were previously using. It's more secure because it gets regular updates and the developers are very awesome and easy to work with. Kudos to them for putting out an awesome product that convinced me to move away from paid control panels!

On the hardware side we've switched to a different hardware provider for the time being. I've setup multiple nodes in different OVH datacenters to see how the stability and performance is and so far it's looking good. The downside is that the price is a bit higher than our previous host for less resources so we had to make some compromises. First we had to reduce the disk space provided from 250MB to 100MB, which is still A LOT of space for a single website. Once we get more clients on the servers I'll re-evaluate the plans and increase the disk space if possible or find a solution to offer people upgrades who need it. Second we had to cut back on the RAM usage for the servers and the easiest way to do this was remove the mail services from the servers meaning none of our Hestia plans will have e-mail support. This definitely stinks for a lot of users who use their own domains with our services and I tried to avoid doing that but it had to happen. Like with the disk space, I will re-evaluate as we get more users and see if I can find a better solution for this also.

That's it for this update, I hope to post more of these updates frequently but I'll try not to make it too spammy. Expect more details next week on the client area progress! ;)