About AFreeCloud.com

Here's a quick run-down about who we are, what we do, and how we do things.

AFreeCloud is a project by Joe/KuJoe, co-founder of Secure Dragon LLC. and previous administrator of FreeWebHostingTalk.com. I used to be very active in the Free Web Hosting community until Secure Dragon came along in 2010 and ate up all of my online time (currently a two-man operation in multiple different data centers and I also wrote and maintains the custom control panel called Wyvern).

Our goal is to provide free web hosting to those that need it. It's that simple. If you need web hosting and do not have the means or the requirement to purchase web hosting then you're in the right place. It's 100% free, no ads, no spam, no gimmick hosting. The only possible "catch" is that if we grow too fast we'll have to stop accepting new orders, but that's only a bad thing if you don't sign up in time.

This whole project is held together with a completely custom client area written by me (with a nice base thanks to The PHP-Login Project) and some other custom goodies in the background. This isn't some cookie cutter free hosting provider, I'm putting in a lot of effort building this into something very unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why are you doing this?

My name is Joe/KuJoe and I'm doing this because I enjoy it, no greedy or selfish motives here, I promise!

How is this free? What do you get out of it?

It's free because I pay for everything out of pocket. In addition to the enjoyment of giving away free hosting and seeing what people can build when given the means, I am learning a lot with this project. I built this whole website from scratch and learned the Interworx API in a day, I built my first SMTP proxy and learned more about qmail that I had ever known before, and keep learning more every day I login to work on this site.

Won't you run out of money eventually? Will you close down or throw ads on my website then?

Hopefully not, but I am taking steps to ensure funding it always available for this project in the event my monthly check that keeps the lights on here stops. I dislike advertisements so I will never place them on user's websites directly. I also have dozens of enterprise servers and thousands of IPs available to me for free since I co-own Secure Dragon LLC. :)

Will you ever sell our information?

Nope. Never. 100% Guaranteed.

How did you come up with the name?

I came up with AFreeCloud after much thinking and domain searching. I decided to use it because our original platform was hosted on QuadraNet's Infracloud.

Will you change the name if you expand to other non-cloud platforms?

Nah, the cloud is everywhere so I think the name will still be ok regardless if it's not hosted on a "cloud" platform.

What if I outgrow my account?

Good question! If you need more space/bandwidth you can grab a ridiculously cheap hosting plan here for only $6 per year!

What kind of support do you offer?

None. We'll fix the server if it breaks and we'll try to help you out in the Help Desk if we have time but aside from that, it'll be up to you to solve your problems or seek out peer support via our Discord.

What kind of BS circus are you running here?

We're not, but I can understand why people will get angry at us for various reasons so I'll sum it up simply here: THIS IS A 100% FREE SERVICE RUN BY VOLUNTEERS AND WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING 100% OUT OF POCKET. WE DO NOT PLAY GAMES OR TOLERATE ANY ABUSE AND RESERVE THE RIGHT TO DENY ANY SIGN-UP WE WISH. So if you're angry at us, on the inside we're truly sorry whatever happened to you happened, but on the outside we might not look like it so please look elsewhere for service.

Do you take backups of my data?

We will try to take daily backups (if free disk space permits). That being said, ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR OWN DATA! OUR BACKUPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED!

What if I don't have my own domain?

You can use one of our domains to create a free subdomains: AFC.CX, CLOUDED.US, Z1H.NET, Z4O.NET, SITEZOMBIE.COM, SITELY.CC

What if I have my own domain?

When you sign up, just click "Use Your Own Domain" in the Domain box and you'll be able to type your own domain to use.

How long after I sign-up will I get my hosting account?

Once you sign up you will be sent a verification e-mail to activate your account, once your account is activated it will be manually reviewed and activated or closed depending on the review. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on how many accounts are in front of you. If you contact us or complain about the wait time your account will only be reviewed if no other accounts are in the queue.

Do you have any mail restrictions?

E-mail is disabled for our services and cannot be enabled. Please use another service if you require mailing functionality.

What happens if the server goes offline or my site stops working for some reason?

For the server, we'll get it back online as quickly as possible. For your site, it depends on the reason but for the most part we'll try to help you get back online.

OMG! My site is offline or my data is gone! How can I sue you for every penny you're worth?

Call up your lawyer, tell them you put your priceless data on a free web hosting service without any backup plans in place, after he's done laughing hang up the phone and place your complaint in a bottle and throw it in the nearest body of water. It'll find us eventually I'm sure.

Does your hosting support IPv6?

Not at this time. Sorry.

What are your nameservers?


Do you do any fraud checking?

Yes, our system uses multiple different 3rd Party systems to keep our servers clean in addition to our manual checking. By signing up you agree to submit your data to these services.

Why can't I sign up?

There are a few reasons why you can't sign up but here are the most common:
1) Your connected to a VPN, Proxy, or are using a non-residential ISP (if you're at work, please wait until you get home to sign up).
2) You are using an invalid e-mail address (i.e. disposable e-mail or non-existent domain).
3) Your IP address already has an account associated with it.
You're welcome to contact us to try to discuss it further, but be aware that the likelihood of us overriding our anti-fraud systems is very rare.

I don't like the error pages you gave me, can I change them?

Yes, you can edit the files directly or just delete them all together. They are not required.