AFreeCloud Forum Guidelines
1. Do not spam or advertise.
Advertisements of any kind are not allow on the forum except for the "Show Off Your Cloud" section which is limited to sites hosted on AFreeCloud. If you have a product or service you would like to share, contact the staff before posting to get prior approval.

2. Do not post illegal, offensive, and other material that is not appropriate for all ages.
This forum allows all ages to join, participate, and view so please be mindful of anything you post on here.

3. No trolling/baiting/flaming/drama.
This is a friendly atmosphere, don't ruin it and bring your negativity in here. Also NO religious, political, or any controversial discussions, this isn't the place for them (even in the "Off The Cloud" section).

4. Use common sense.
All that we ask is that you try to apply common sense before posting anything. If you can't, please just lurk. If you have doubts about something you're about to post, chances are you shouldn't post it.

5. Respect everybody and do not bother staff or users.
Friends are more valuable to you than people who are annoyed at you so if you need assistance, post a thread and wait for help. Patience and courtesy will go a long way in getting quality help.