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host02 outage (6/14/2016)
Here's the e-mail we received from the data center for those interested in the reason for the outage.

Quote:We are recovering from a failure related to a lightening strike that damaged the majority of the electrical infrastructure of the building hosting more of our infrastructure. After nearly 72 hours on generator, our UPS powering the A side of our servers, the batteries ran flat, due to a failure in the generator electrical heads. After the last 8 hours, after switching over 100A of 3 phase from battery to gensets, and back due to the generators cycling output as the heads overheated, the decision was made to power down the servers that provide all the Denver infrastructure powering your service, in order to save the data. We are in the process of replacing some gigantic relays, transfer switches, and restoring critical infrastructure. We have managed to get clean utility power to the UPS over the last 4 hours, and after allowing the batteries to charge, we are powering on servers. We hope to recover without any loss of data. When your looking at 1-2TB of cached data, and no clear idea of when the power will be restored, we rather gently lay the beast down, rather than a straight power cut.

Sorry for the problems - We are working to resolve them. Please standby for a more formal announcement, but rest assured, we are doing our best to recover all instances and data without problem. Some of these servers are running already, and we are working out recovering some massive data sets.

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