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We're almost back! Upcoming changes and re-opening news.

We're almost back... really!

With the latest pricing changes of cPanel it's kind of forced me to move things along quicker than expected and because of that I was able to get the new backend coded to better support multiple control panels and domains. I did have to transfer all of the domains to a new registrar to handle the changes but so far all testing has proven excellent. I'm re-opening the forums so I can post this announcement and I expect to start taking new sign-ups within a week once everything has proven to be stable.

Changes for current clients.

Current clients will be experiencing the following changes to their services in the next week or two:
  • cPanel services will be discontinued. We might offer paid cPanel services in the future, but currently the new cPanel licensing is too expensive to offer as free hosting. We wish there was another solution but cPanel Inc. decided to start billing per cPanel account and that doesn't work with a free web hosting model. I apologize for all clients impacted by this. I'll be sending out an e-mail shortly.
  • VestaCP services will be migrated to a new VestaCP server, downtime might be experienced but we'll do our best to keep it minimal. We also plan on reducing the disk space and bandwidth to better align with our other services.

New control panel incoming!

We have a new DirectAdmin server online and will be offering services on that server once we go live. This will give you the option between VestaCP and DirectAdmin control panels (with more in the future hopefully). Both will come with comparable features (CloudLinux, KernelCare, Softaculous, LetsEncrypt, etc...) and identical hosting plans so it will come down the personal preference on which control panel you'd like to use, or if you can't choose you can grab both!

New subdomain option!

Because I love hunting for domains, I've picked up the other day so I'll be adding that to the subdomain list for new services. It's not a huge deal but more options are always better than less.

Next up, a new site design!

Once we get everything else back up and working we'll be redoing the website and forum designs. It's not a huge priority, but something that definitely needs to be done. I'll probably grab something off ThemeForest or find somebody on Fiverr to do this, but I figured I'd mention it so people were aware that it'll get a makeover soon.

That's it for now. Expect more updates in the near future.  Cool
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