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AFreeCloud is open again!

We're back!

That's right, we're accepting new sign-ups for our new DirectAdmin server. After a lot of re-writing the backend to work on the latest versions of PHP and MySQL we're finally back online and working 100% (I hope). I've been doing a lot of testing over the past 2 weeks so all of the bugs should be fixed. E-mail delivery might be spotty because we had to completely change that up and switch to a new service at the last minute but initial testing looks good.

We have a Discord!

Since it's 2020 I decided to setup a Discord server for us since I monitor Discord much more closely than my browser so hopefully I can provide faster support, more frequent communication, and overall better service if we use it. I've spent a good portion of the last week writing a bot that integrates with the forum a bit so hopefully I can start adding more features to it.

Join the Discord!

What about cPanel and VestaCP?

Both of those servers are still online and clients with active services on them are still able to use them, but I'm unsure if I'll be adding new services to them at this time. With cPanel changing their pricing last year, I now have to pay $0.15 per account each month on top of the cost of the service making it not possible to offer the services for free anymore. I may offer cPanel plans as a paid option down the road.

VestaCP, while free has been giving me a lot of issues lately and I'm not comfortable putting new clients on the current server. I will look into rebuilding the VestaCP server (again) or look at one of the other open source options out there, but for now I'm going to hold off on accepting new sign-ups for VestaCP.


So during the past month while I was working to get everything back online I noticed that the Google AdSense ads stopped showing up on the website. After a bit of digging it looks like I need to reapply to get ads placed back on the website so hopefully I can get those added back soon to generate a little revenue to help cover the costs. I'll be looking into other methods of bringing in some income but for now that's not a huge priority. Until I get around to it, enjoy the ad-free forums (for those of you not using an ad-blocker)!

Just a quick update:

E-mail deliverability has been fixed. All e-mails should be sending normally now and all contact forms are confirmed working so now I should be getting all of the e-mails you're sending.
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