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Is the SSL issue ever going to be resolved?
Hello all,

I like what this service has to offer, and have signed up for both the free and paid variants, but I'd like to know if the issues with SSL support will ever be resolved for some accounts, like mine.  I have my own SSL certificate that I want to use, which just happens to be a Let's Enrypt one, however, once applied, the SSL cert offered to the browser is still the one of the host server, and not my specific account.

Moreover, the service advertises UNLIMITED SUBDOMAINS, which really is not the case.  What you can do is create unlimited domain aliases, which really doesn't do any good if you want one main domain like hosting one site, and hosting another.  Right now, with aliases, and would point to the SAME content.

Am I doing something wrong?  KuJoe has been good about responding here and to tickets; I know he's probably busy, but I have a situation in limbo that I need resolved soon.

In short, I either need instructions on how to add an actual subdomain in VestaCP without hitting my domain limit (as the error message indicates when I try), OR someone has to change my main domain from to, on account afc08396.

Thanks to whomever can assist,
I'm afraid that VestaCP devs have no plans on fixing the SSL issue for the foreseeable future. The subdomain issue was an oversight on my part and I can't believe I never noticed it until you brought it to my attention. With these two rather large problems, as well as other annoying issues I've been dealing with for months, I think I'm going to be abandoning the VestaCP platform in the near future in favor of cPanel. I'll be posting an announcement shortly.
What's going on as of late?  KuJoe reached out here, as well as replied to a ticket that I opened but that latest reply was back on September 3rd when he asked what he should do for me.  Is this service on its way out?  Is there something I can do to help?
I'm very grateful for the service and blown away that KuJoe should take time out to support the Forum too. Like I find what he and his team have done to develop VestaCP for free hosting is brilliant. I've been trying to use my own version of VestaCP on VPSs and haven't got even a fraction close to what they have achieved. Maybe you should rather opt for cPanel if Let's Encrypt is that important to you. However, have you tried Comodo? As there are other alternatives. I haven't tried them, but if you Google it you'll see plenty of tutorials for adding Comodo with VestaCP. That's the beauty of anything on the Web. There is always more than one way of doing something, and if the one doesn't work, go for another alternative.
Deanhills, KuJoe and all....

In response to "Maybe you should rather opt for cPanel if Let's Encrypt is that important to you."

I have not - to date - received a response regarding a CPanel account which KuJoe offered to set up for me, as part of an open support ticket, once I confirmed it was ok. 

"However, have you tried Comodo? As there are other alternatives."

The issue is not with the certificate issuer or process, the issues are with VestaCP or the way it is configured such that it will NOT support SSL properly, no matter what the SSL provider.

At this point I have taken my domains OFF of AFreeCloud and back onto a VPS I run myself, at a bit higher price.   I also could not retrieve the backup I had previously made on VestaCP, nor could I log in to PHPMyAdmin (gives a configuration error), so I had to piece together earlier backups of my own, as well as re-create my help desk database from scratch.   

For this and only this, it would be great if I could get my any un-used credits back as a refund, but as this is probably not the norm, I just assume cut my losses and move on.


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