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Outbound e-mail not working on host01 (Interworx server)
It was brought to my attention that outbound mail was not being sent from host01 (Interworx server) so I've opened a ticket with Interworx to get this resolved since I can't figure out the cause after troubleshooting it for quite some time.

If you need to recover your password open a ticket in the Help Desk and we'll manually change it for you for the time being.

For those of you relying on outbound e-mails for your website (like forums and such), might I suggest Mandrill's free service? We use it for our main website and these forums so even if the server's SMTP service isn't working we're still functioning normally. It's 100% free and easy to use if your script supports SMTP. Smile
This has been resolved thanks to the awesome Interworx support. Smile
working fine now. Thank you for quick actions.

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