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Interworx disk space confusion
Hi. Has anyone seen this and might know what's going on?

The Interworx panel says 99.15% disk space used. But looking around with the file manager, it doesn't show any large files in my Wordpress directory, which is the only area I've used lately. There shoudn't be anywhere near 253.82 MB in my visible file space.

So I'm at a loss to figure out where the files are that Interworx is counting, and why the reported MB didn't change when I deleted a few MB of the actual files in my account.

OK, a few hours later it's back to 33 MB of files. Very good... the elves at work!
Interworx counts all files on the server owned by the user when determining disk space usage. The most common cause of incorrect usage is files in the /tmp directory on the server (usually failed/incomplete uploads/unzipping). To fix this, I have a cron job set to run every morning to clear out any of these files that are more than 48 hours old so this might have been the case.

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