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Implementing DKIM & SPF & MX record for email hosting & integrating with gMail - POP3

I would like to host a few mailboxes with my free cloud (VestaCP). I have a few questions regarding email hosting:
- What MX record do I setup for the domain (to get emails directed to my AFC account)?
- What SPF record should I set to set it proper (for sending emails with AFC)?
- How can I set up DKIM record (for sending emails with AFC)?
- What data should I use for connecting via POP3, SMTP & IMAP (for integrating my mailbox with gMail)?

So, generally all email related questions, because I would like to set it up right. I will NEVER spam anyone, and will use free cloud just for transactional email hosting, for email receiving and for replying to emails.

Kind regards,
1) Ideally you'd want to set your domain to point to our nameservers (this way if IPs change you're still covered). If you want to manage your own DNS, you can ping the following to get the IPs of the server:
Interworx =
VestaCP =
cPanel =

2) If you use our nameservers, the SPF record is already generated for you.

3) Like the SPF record, if you use our nameservers and check the box "DKIM Support" when creating a mailbox it will generate the DKIM record for you.

4) You should be able to use your domain name, the e-mail login, and the e-mail password to access POP3, IMAP, and SMTP along with the following ports:
SMTP = 25,465,587,2525
POP3 = 110,995
IMAP = 143,993

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