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host02 failure
Last night around midnight (EST) our VestaCP server (host02) experienced a problem which pegged the CPU to 100% and is preventing Apache from starting up. I've tried rebooting the server and rebuilding the Apache install from scratch with no luck and lack of errors in the logs prevent me from troubleshooting further. I am in the process of restoring the server from the latest backups right now. I'll update this thread once it's back online.
The server is back online and all accounts should be restored with the most recent server backup (7/20/2016). For accounts created after the most recent server backup, your accounts were created manually.

If any users need a more recent backup, please open a ticket in the Help Desk and I can provide you a copy of last night's backup.
Everything working fine now.

I created an account recently and my domain was not working with the provided nameservers but its working fine now.

Thank you.

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