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Feedback from a newly registered member
I'm a new member here.  I got recommended by a member at - Xinen.  Thought to share my registration experience with you.

I first read the FAQs and About pages, but although very informative didn't give me the steps to register.  I then opened a Forum account in case there were some stickies posted for info, but soon got the idea that the Forum is mostly meant for announcements from staff about the status of the servers and users reporting problems. 

Next I navigated back to the hosting page and found a faded blue Icon (my eye sight is probably not of the best) that invites one to join up, so I clicked and joined.Whilst doing that I was crossing my fingers as the FAQs said not to use a proxy. I followed the instructions and did not use a proxy. By way of an explanation, I'm a Canadian expat resident in the UAE, and have had many experiences of being country-blocked because of my location.  Hence why quite a large percentage of us use proxies - i.e. for positive reasons.  So am happy that afreecloud didn't country block the UAE.  I passed the first step.

Next after I'd received a link successfully, I was not quite sure what to do.  Like I clicked on the Dashboard and it said I had no services.  After clicking around a little more though I finally happened upon a page where I could apply for a service. I then noticed that there were three categories of "free" accounts.  Xinen was right.  Two of the categories are near free but not completely free - no doubt to make them more secure.  The free account comes with VestaCP which is exactly why I wanted to sign up.  I'm particularly interested in an account with VestaCP for a new experience.  I'm used to cPanel, so will be interesting to see how they compare.

Just to thank you for my new Vestapanel account that was created within hours of application.  It looks quite different to cPanel and at first glance was wondering where everything was but am gradually with the help of Google figuring out where everything is hidden.  The FTP of course is hidden at the bottom of the Website page.  Took me a while to find it.  Then next challenge was that the hostname didn't want to work with FileZilla.  It came up with an error message:

Quote:EAI_AGAIN - Temporary failure in name resolution

Then Googled it and someone recommended to use the IP instead of the host name.  That solved the problem!
Probably going to take a while to figure through VestaPanel, but thank you for the opportunity to do so.  One super plus so far is everything is very fast.

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