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My Cloud is a WordPress blog about my VestaCP learning experiences.  I attempted a VestaCP installation on a VPS in December 2014 and that didn't work out as well, felt too complicated and support documentation was very iffy at the time. This time round I used the opportunity with to get to know VestaCP from a user side first.  This was very helpful before I went a further step for another attempt at VestaCP for a VPS.  This time it was a great success.  The blog records all of my experiences.

One thing that is awesome and I can't talk about enough is the speed of working with my blog.  Like I've never had as fast an experience with working with WordPress as with my shared hosting account here at  Has to be a testimony to the way the hosting has been put together. I've got an abundance of free shared hosting everywhere, but this by far is my most favourite hosting account because of the speed and simplicity it has been set up.  1GB is ample and one day when I want more domains I will go for the next step up with VestaCP.  I still have lots to learn about VestaCP, but for now am really happy with it.  Like it's a one size fits all.  I set it up almost bare bones for a single-user very small VPS.  But one could use it for a very large multi-user VPS as well as you have demonstrated with afreecloud.  Again many thanks for this lovely hosting account!
I like your blog. Smile

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