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Lots of issues today (01/11/2014)
Opening day jitters I guess.

This morning just as I was falling asleep I got alerted that QuadraNet's entire Infracloud in Los Angeles as offline so I opened a ticket and they said they were looking into it. So since it was out of my hands I went to bed. I woke up and found that their "hypervisor crashed" taking all of my instances offline including some I use for my company. I wish this was the first time I've had an outage with QuadraNet's Infracloud but sadly it's not.

So the server finally comes back online but it appears most of the services were broken (POP3, IMAP, SMTP, FTP, Anti Virus, Anti Spam). I've managed to get all of the services fixed and back online now after a lot of troubleshooting.

Right now I'm working on moving this site to another server so it's isolated and has dedicated resources. I'm also considering switching clients over to VPSs instead of QuadraNet's infrastructure so I have more control over the infrastructure. I'll keep everybody posted on how things go and I apologize for the recent outage and any future outages depending on what I decide.

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