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We do not offer VPS services.
It appears some websites are spreading misinformation about our services and we do not offer VPSs or SSH access to our services. we are strictly a web hosting provider and have no plans to offer VPSs in the future. If you wish to obtain a cheap VPS plan, my company offers them starting at less than $1 per month here:
Thanks for the suggestion about the 1$ a month VPS service. I'm a member of, which is where I got to learn about from another member there:

I've been up and running with my afreecloud shared hosting account since then - and value it very much. I've put a notice up at in their cheap VPS hosting section. Here's the link:
Maybe some users are confused because afreecloud was mentioned in that site about vps. That can explain the reason for this thread:

I never understood why the user asked about putty...

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