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can't receive email
I made an email account and am able to connect to web mail with it, and can send mail from it to itself, and from it to an external account.  But mail from the external account to the local one doesn't seem to arrive.  I checked both the inbox and the spam folder.  Any idea?  The from: header in the mail sent to the outside server matches the one I tried to send to.  Thanks.
I created a temporary mail account on your service and I'm able to send and receive e-mail normally from multiple different accounts including to and from GMail, another VestaCP server, and a cPanel server.
Thanks.  It looks like the test messages I sent a few hours ago arrived much more recently.  Not sure if the receiving end wasn't answering at first (requiring retries) or if there was some problem at the sending side.  I'll open a ticket with my email host (you can see my address and know which one it is--they are supposed to be pretty good).  Sorry for the probably-false alarm.

Ok, I opened a ticket with my email host and they sent me a log excerpt with a bunch of entries like:

[AFreeCloud server] 451 Temporary local problem - please try later (in reply to end of DATA command))

So it sounds like some kind of temporary outage at this end.  I can send you the complete excerpt if you want it.


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