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Discontinuing Interworx services.
After many months of juggling Interworx, cPanel, and VestaCP services I've decided to discontinue Interworx services due to various reasons.

Right now AFreeCloud's biggest cost is the Interworx license and server, that in itself wasn't a big issue but recently the API for Interworx stopped working which means that all tasks need to be performed manually which is time consuming and time is more valuable than money for me. In addition to there being no added benefits of Interworx (VestaCP does everything it can do and more with less resources) I've decided to cancel the Interworx licenses and the server at this time. The Interworx server will shutdown on January 28th.
We can continue use the subdomain that we have (Interworx) with VestaCP?
(12-24-2016, 04:33 PM)Dark Wrote: We can continue use the subdomain that we have (Interworx) with VestaCP?

You will need to cancel your current plan and then create a new service with the same subdomain. Open a ticket and I'll manually cancel your service since the automation is no longer working.
I sent the ticket. Thank you Joe! Smile

I am happy because I can keep my subdomain. Now I have an account with VestaCP. Yay!

Thank you Joe! Smile

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