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cPanel service outage
We received the following e-mail from our cPanel service provider:

Quote:Around 7AM GMT -7 this morning our Las Vegas Shared 03 node suffered a catastrophic failure. 

What appeared to be a kernel panic ended up with 2 drives on the same side of a RAID10 being unreadable as well as the boot drive. We suspect that the power supply had a surge of sorts and took all 3 components with it. We're actively working on assembling a new chassis using an E5 2630L configuration and then RAID10 SSD's.

As for backups, the last backup we have is a week old. If you've created any accounts, or signed up in the past week, we won't have anything for you. Sorry.

We are waiting for backups to be restored at this time. As of right now there is no ETA.
I had a problem with the Let's encrypt, it was not possible renew it. I fixed this with a reinstall in the cPanel, now the automatic renew is ok.

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