About AFreeCloud.com

Here's a quick run-down about who we are, what we do, and how we do things.

AFreeCloud is a project by Joe Dougherty, co-founder of Secure Dragon LLC. and previous administrator of FreeWebHostingTalk.com. I used to be very active in the Free Web Hosting community until Secure Dragon came along in 2010 and ate up all of his online time (currently a two-man operation in 9 different data centers, over 1000 active clients, and he also wrote and maintains their custom control panel called Wyvern).

Our goal is to provide free web hosting to those that need it. It's that simple. If you need web hosting and do not have the means or the requirement to purchase web hosting then you're in the right place. It's 100% free, no ads, no spam, no gimmick hosting. The only possible "catch" is that if we grow too fast we'll have to stop accepting new orders, but that's only a bad thing if you don't sign up in time.

We offer a few different platforms for AFreeCloud...

The first (and our original) platform is a virtual private server on QuadraNet's Infracloud service in Los Angeles, California utilizing the Interworx control panel. They boast all of the features you can expect in a real enterprise cloud, but without the price tag. DDOS protection is also included in this service.

The second platform is a shared server hosted with BuyVM in Las Vegas, Nevada running the cPanel control panel. Not technically "cloud hosting" by definition, but since it's free I'm hoping you'll let that slide. ;)

The third platform, the one I will be focusing on growing and expanding the most, is a nice and powerful virtual private server hosted with Secure Dragon LLC. in Los Angeles, California running the VestaCP control panel. I'm the co-owner of Secure Dragon and have provided an excellent uptime with DDOS protection. This is the only 100% open source control panel of the three which allows me to modify to fit my needs offering me more flexibility going forward. Again, not a true "cloud", but expect to see great things from this platform without ever paying a penny.

This whole project is held together with a completely custom client area written by me (with a nice base thanks to The PHP-Login Project) and some other custom goodies in the background. This isn't some cookie cutter free hosting provider, I'm putting in a lot of effort building this into something very unique.

We don't want to bore you with all of the technical stuff, so if you're interested then be sure to check out our FAQ for more details!